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WIN BIG with KFC’s new Papizza!

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WIN BIG with KFC’s new Papizza!

KFC Competition

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KFC Competition


To all our Supa Strikas fans who stay in Gauteng… this one’s for you!

Want to win a KFC hamper with Idols SA tickets, an MP3 player and KFC voucher?

Just answer the simple question in the promo.
SMS the keyword CJ, your NAME and the correct ANSWER to 32541.

Terms and conditions apply.

Vang al die

Vang al die "So Good" oomblikke op Idols en Wen

Aan al ons Supa Strikas aanhangers in Gauteng... die een is vir julle!

Wil jy `n KFC geskenkpak, tesame met Idols SA kaatjies, `n MP3 speler en `n KFC geskenkbewys wen?

Beantwoord net die spotmaklike vraag en staan `n kans !
SMS die hoofletters CJ, jou NAAM en die korrekte ANTWOORD na 32541

Bepalings en Voorwaardes geld.
Vang al die

So Good Idols

Hey fans!
Do you live in Gauteng? Keen to win some awesome prizes from KFC?
Then check this out…

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So Good Idols


Simply answer 3 easy questions and you could win 1 of 3 Supa Strikas / Umbro hampers including Umbro GT Cup boots, a Supa Strikas soccer ball and a Supa Strikas annual including a DVD.

How to win:
Answer the questions below:

1. How often do you read Supa Strikas?
A. Once a week
B. Once a month
C. Once every 6 months
D. Once a year

2. Where do you get your copy of Supa Strikas from?
A. Friends or Family
B. Sunday Times
C. You, Drum or Huisgenoot

3. Where do you live?
A. Gauteng
B. Western Cape
D. Other

SMS the keyword, STRIKAS, your NAME, AGE and the ANSWERS to 32541.

Example: Strikas, John Bonani, 16, C, B, C
(SMS costs R1,00)

Terms and conditions apply.


Win Supa Strikas / Umbro Hampers

Who is the official Supa Strikas equipment sponsor?
A. Umbro
B. SPX Wear
C. Max Apparel

SMS the keyword, SHAKES, your full name and answer (A, B or C) to 32541 (each SMS costs R1)
e.g. Shakes, John Bonani, A
Terms and conditions apply.

Win Supa Strikas / Umbro Hampers

WIN this summer with Supa Strikas

Who is Supa Strikas Goal Keeper?
A) Big Bo
B) Shakes
C) Vince
SMS Umbro, your name and your answer to 32541.
(SMS cost R1.00)
(e.g. Umbro, Bonisa, A)
Terms and conditions apply.
WIN this summer with Supa  Strikas

Supa Strikas now on Nokia OVI store

The world’s biggest soccer adventure is now on your Nokia!

Struggling to read Supa Strikas and don’t know what is happening at Strikaland? Don’t worry, Supafans… if you have a Nokia Touch Screen phone you can get the Supa Strikas comic directly on your Nokia from the OVI store.

Get FREE Supa Strikas apps on the Nokia OVI store at http://store.ovi.com/publisher/Strika and enjoy the action like never before.
Supa Strikas now on Nokia OVI store

Which Supa Strikas player are you?

Ever wondered whether you are like Shakes, Dancing Rasta, El Matador, Cool Joe or Big Bo? Well, for the first time ever you as a Supa Strikas fan get the chance to find out. It’s simple… go to our Facebook page and take the quiz in the QUIZZES section, and see which player you are.

Once you’ve discovered which player you are, share the good news and invite your family and friends so they get to take the quiz too. Don’t waste time… take the quiz NOW!

(www.facebook.com/SupaStrikasFC). Who knows… you maybe be like Shakes or captain fantastic Dancing Rasta.
Which Supa Strikas player are you?

Get your Supa Strikas Annual 2011

Supa Strikas Annual 2011 features 200 full-colour pages, jam-packed with entertaining diski action and a free Supa Strikas DVD (Episode 23 – Hypno-Test). The Supa Strikas annual is available at CNA and other leading newsagents countrywide… for only R19.95!

Make sure you’re up to date with all the hottest soccer action collected in one bumper annual: Supa Strikas Annual 2011!
Get your Supa Strikas Annual 2011

Supa Strikas marks its 100th edition

Supa Strikas celebrates its 100th edition this month! The comic series was first published in South Africa in 2001, and today the comic is one of the biggest soccer comics in the world. And in addition to the comic, the Supa Strikas animated series was born in 2006 and by early 2009 was shown in all Supa Strikas territories.

Today the comic is available across Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius, Reunion, Nigeria and Egypt); in Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland) and Asia (Malaysia).
Supa Strikas marks its 100th edition

Win BIG with Supa Strikas

If you don’t read Supa Strikas’ November issue you will be regretting it for the rest of 2010. What’s HOT inside this month’s Supa Strikas comic: 16 pages of Supa Strikas action in ‘Suit Yourself’, a double-page poster of Shakes plus a chance to win an iPHONE. To WIN the iPHONE you need to comment on our Facebook fan page – www.facebook.com/SupaStrikasFC and tell us... ‘Did Klaus do the RIGHT THING in this issue?’

Supa Strikas has never been this much fun because now as you read you also stand a chance to WIN. Invite your friends to be part of the family at www.facebook.com/SupaStrikasFC.
Win BIG with Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas series takes Asia by storm!

Supa Strikas animation is taking Asia by storm! The series is aired in 17 Asian countries - Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Republic of Palau, Papua New Guinea, and at hotels and foreign compounds in the People’s Republic of China.

Now how COOL is that? Don’t miss the action in your country. Watch Shakes and Supa Strikas challenge the world in the Super League on Star Sports and Disney.
Supa Strikas series takes Asia by storm!

Check out our YouTube channel

Supa Strikas is growing every day, and if you want even more action than the comic and our website you can also check out our YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/thesupastrikas.

The Supa Strikas YouTube channel has everything you need to know about your favourite team. So far the channel has a total of 301 154 views from fans across the world… and counting!

The channel features the cool Supa Strikas animated series, the Supa Strikas THEME SONG, Supa Strikas adverts, cool freestyle videos and loads more…
Check out our YouTube channel

Supa Strikas theme song motivates fan

“The song motivates me! Every day! Before match day and after… My chance will come when I’ll be living my dream,” says Moima J-Claudinho Özil, a Supa Strikas fan in South Africa.

Thousands of fans are downloading the Supa Strikas theme song via their phones, so if you still don’t have it SMS Supa to 3 33 33 to download the THEME SONG now!

(South Africa only)
Supa Strikas theme song motivates fan

Download Supa Strikas THEME SONG!

“I’m Finally Here… My Heart is Pounding… 50 000 Fans Screaming…”

Supa Strikas’ midfielder Cool Joe (AKA The Crossing King) is well known for his moves on the dance floor and on the field. Like all Supa Strikas players, he digs singing the Supa Strikas THEME SONG before a big game at Strikaland. And now’s your chance to get the THEME SONG on your mobile and sing along with the team!

Supa Strikas THEME SONG is making waves at all the games the team plays. So don’t waste any time… SMS Supa to 3 33 33 to download the THEME SONG now!

(Available only in South Africa)
Download Supa Strikas THEME SONG!

Supa Strikas at Socca-Taina

Socca-Taina is a new age, multi-functional marketing platform. It involves the conversion of a raw shipping container into a stand-alone retail outlet focussing on sport and fan-related gear and merchandise. Another part of the container has a 3m x 2.5m retractable screen and projector creating a mini cinema not only for sport, but also movies, soapies and Supa Strikas animation.

If you would like to learn more about this community project visit Chippas Socca-Taina on Facebook, contact 021 863 0570 or come to Chippa's Place in Mbekweni, Paarl.
Supa Strikas at Socca-Taina
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